December 04 2010

monster mp htfs-iw hc in-wall powercenter for custom installations

In the midst of Wall monster surge protector offers protection, comfort and performance disappears behind the screen in a complete kit has everything you need to power and video equipment for flat-panel TV or projector from the wall. Power Center for hiding the cable or video source (RF, HDMI, DVI, RGB, etc.) consists of three custom facades, including one for feeding coax only (three contacts GHz with Monster Surge Protection Guard 2.0) and another coaxial cable (3:02. 0 Contacts GHz with a surge protector), and other cables through the patented Monster pass-through board! No need to drill holes for special connectors: plug the wires by the passage through the plate for a deep and personal. Perfect for connecting your projector!

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December 01 2010

belkin f6c550-avr 550va battery backup with surge protection

belkin surge protector F6C550-AVR 550VA backup with a series of six protected points, 4 with battery backup, USB, waves 1-in/1-out RJ45, RJ11 battery 1-in/2-out phone / fax disadvantages Protection 890 Joules, 550VA, 330 W, 28 minutes backup, automatic voltage regulation for line conditioning and protection against low voltage, data recovery, $ 75,000 connected equipment warranty, increased security 550VA battery backup

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November 29 2010

cyberpower pp1100sw smart app sinewave ups – 1100va/700w avr 7-out tower snmp/http

Intelligent Application sine series is designed for business networking and telecommunications, apc surge protector high-quality pure sine wave technology needed. PP1100SW to support critical applications and devices, and even increase for April, Buck / stabilization energy to prevent power outages. Our range of intelligent programs, but also includes a fully digital microprocessor.

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