October 27 2010

le creuset zen tea kettle with free 6 pack of republic of tea, white

Simple, elegant. The modern steel tank, le creuset teakettle coated glass adds an Asian touch to your kitchen. Have a piece of the handle and phenolic knob making it easy to lift and pour. Wide lid area makes clean in no time!

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October 26 2010

le creuset stoneware petite bell pepper casserole, citrus

New Le Creuset Stoneware Petite Pepper Pot, 13% u2013 oz citrus and its many applications is our small apple stew surely become one of the pillars of the kitchen. It ‘just the right size for dips, spices, cheeses and vegetables. It is an intriguing possibility, cooking and serving individual portions

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October 24 2010

le creuset enameled cast-iron 4-1/4-quart soup pot with cover, red

le creuset stockpot good to the table and durable enough to survive its Pretty lifetime warranty in this heavy, round, vase-shaped 4-1/2-quart soup is good taste, ingredients and cook over low heat. Soups, stews, beans or meat and cabbage, and can be served with elegance. The shell is lined with cast iron, inside and outside with two coats of enamel. The iron is not sensitive to heat distribution and retention and enamel to acids and odors, food pan and cook evenly brown and smooth, “are the hot spots and can marinate. And” without security on a stove including induction, dishwasher.

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October 21 2010

le creuset enameled cast-iron 15-3/4-inch oval fish skillet, cobalt

This beautiful oval bowl, you can cook different dishes from all over the fish sandwiches with ham. The tank is oval shaped, extending to the fish or other food concerns. The high rim prevents leakage. Le Creuset Pancast iron pieces by French artisans and hand-cast, polished, coated twice with enamel is then fired. Dishwasher

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October 21 2010

le creuset enameled cast iron 6-piece classic cookware set caribbean

Essentially, smart. This kit contains everything you need to simmer, pot roast and cooking in enameled cast iron, heat gently and transfers smooth for best results. Ideal for cooking and in bright colors le creuset enameled cas tiron. Lifetime warranty.

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October 17 2010

Le Creuset cookware or selected

I had this Le Creuset 5-piece in the order established for some time, then decided that even if the price was great, I’d end up with two pots that are too small and a pot that many critics does not like (it is the same Le Creuset pot black enamel). I am happy with my mix of “veterans” of stainless steel and blue, and Le Creuset Cookware Set and can opt for a Le Creuset 4 1 / 4 QT Soup Pot, one quarter of 3 1 / 2 pot and cooked French general (7 1.4 quarts)-more or less in that order, with steel pots / pans as an alternative to using a Le Creuset 5-piece as a starting point .

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