November 30 2010

surefire a2 aviator tactical led max output: xenon 50 lumens / led 3 lumens, runtime: 60 minutes/20 hours w/ white led’s

Compact (pocket),Surefire Flashlight hybrid flashlight with dual outputs for flights, camping, personal defense and general use. There are two types of light sources: three long-term light-emitting diodes (LEDs) beam for close work, the smooth pre-focused lamp, high brightness light on the tactical level in nearly three times the light of a flashlight, two D-cell strong enough to temporarily blind and confuse a person to change their night vision adaptation. Two-stage tailcap switch allows the user direct the output level of light. LEDs available in red, blue, green, yellow, green and white!

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November 29 2010

m9 7050 system w/110v transformer fast charger

M9 7050 Rechargeable Pelican Flashlight. Torch is a professional high pressure, high performance halogen bulb creates a powerful white light. The body that is resistant to chemicals in hazardous environments and the unbreakable polycarbonate lens is built tough to withstand hard blows to the job. The switch works easily with gloves. Options include a quick charger or slow direct connection of the transformer of 12 V, 110 transformers and much more. The fast charger fully with the NiCad in two or three hours, preparing the M9 to a full day of work. Or use the economic trickle charge for a full load of 12 hours. Both chargers can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and an indicator lights when M9 is fully charged. Place the M9 on vehicles with 12-adapter or direct wiring. The long-life batteries, nickel-cadmium a fee of more than 1000 times

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November 24 2010

benchmade knife 1100 series aluminum body pen with fenix e01 keychain flashlight and aaa battery 4 pack bundle

This is a Benchmade pen full screen. And elegant “with a CNC aluminum body developed into a model. It has a detachable hood and a little bit, so you can get some urgent work to do. This pin can be done by anyone without blinking. No. Pocket Clip Fenix Flashlight

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November 23 2010

maglite solitaire flashlight aaa in presentation box (black) md: k3a012.

Maglite Flashlight Solitaire AAA Presentation Box (black), flashlight AAA magazine is made of durable aluminum with knurled design. The radius of a high intensity light flooded the room for a twist of the wrist. Is rapidly converted to sail independently. Anodized inside E ‘and a greater resistance to corrosion. Water and shock resistant. A lamp in the top of the queue. It works with (1) AAA battery and is 3 inches long. Includes Energizer alkaline battery for long life and energy. Innovative Advanced button, you can use the light beam and keys used in the same bag in limited lifetime warranty is provided, developed and patented in the U.S., production No.: K3A012, Manufacturer: Flashlight, Warranty: Lifetime Limited

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