September 26 2010

Samsung Plasmas PN63C8000 TV

“all plasmas buzz.” While that is true to an extent, they don’t buzz like this model. Both of my brother’s have plasmas. One is a Samsung PN63C8000 TV that doesn’t buzz like this, the other is a 60″ Pioneer Kuro that doesn’t buzz like this. I have a Samsung tech coming out soon, but I’m fairly confident on what will be said, either a) it’s a normal sound or b) I’ll need a complete new panel. I don’t want either. I want to return the set and exchange it for the same model with hopefully a newer build date to see if the issue has been addressed. If not I’ll move on to a different TV.
If you aren’t able to hear extremely high frequency sounds, then you’ll fall in love with this TV. If you can hear it, and you have the TV positioned so you sit in front of it at eye level, it will bother you. If you mount it above eye level so that the bottom of the bezel is above your eyes, you will not hear it.

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