September 17 2010

Samsung Plasma PN58C550

Arrived when scheduled, unboxed the TV and had it operational within 2-3 moments, and took away the promotional material materials after successful checkout counter. The out-of-the-box exposure was very good, but became tremendous when I position it to the good words branded on the Net for colour standardization. The power-on off time is refreshfully warm. SD stations look better than I anticipated, and HD message is compelling. The 58″ size is perfect for our parlour – any larger would be overlarge, and our premature 52″ was nowhere near as gracious as this.
I debated long and hard between this set and the PN58C7000, its 3D-capable sib. My boy and my married woman mouthed me into going this way, and I ‘m glad that they did. This photograph has first class deepness as is, and I don’t have to bust drinking glasses and can lie down while determining it.

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