September 25 2010

Purchase Samsung LED TV

Before making this purchase, I read different opinions on the quality TV Samsung LED lighting in dark scenes. I thought these people were too demanding because there were so many people seem perfectly happy. Also, I looked at similar models in stores and they looked pretty good. I ordered this set from Amazon hoping for the best, but unfortunately the light in dark scenes is very bad.
There are clouds of different brightness in dark areas of a scene (as some call flashlighting or reflectors). This is most visible in the corners, especially in a corner. It’s annoying when you see the contents of your mailbox or dark movies. There was no sign at all when you look closely at the content of television or shops demonstration was contained in it is a panel SN01 running the latest firmware.
CCFL on my older model Samsung PN58C550 has no such problem. I am very angry with this purchase and I can not believe that Samsung is the acceptable quality

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