December 10 2010

makita an451 7/8-inch to 1-3/4-inch coil roofing nailer

Makita Air Compressor roofing nails Makita AN451 check and see what you missed. Air filter prevents debris high into the ceramic tool, extending the life and reduce downtime. The speeds of nine deep inspection in line for precise control of nail depth. easily adjust the size of the stone with the Authority and the nail was easily removed for easy cleaning. PSI: 65-120, used nails, fasteners, adapter Dimensions (inches): 8.7, 1, 1 1 / 4, 1 1 / 2 and 1 3 / 4 tape for stabbing Capacity: 120 Adjustable Depth Contol: Yes, coil or band: the coil, the input size (inches): 1.4, minimum pipe size (cm): 03/08, Case No, Tool Length (cm): 5.1, Tool Weight (kg): 08.05 9

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